Skunkbears are half skunk, half bear like the Hampire. They eat meat and fell in love with a costume that Neverfail made of a Skunkbear. They can make stink like skunks, but it comes from their armpits instead of their tail. They have brown armor. They roar very loudly. He almost got attacked by the Conspiracy Club. These are the ingredients of the stink: goat cheese, dead hamster, and ripe diaper. Not even tomato juice, car wax, and white vinegar can destroy the smell. The only thing that can rid someone of the smell is to rub them down with the Sword of Anti-Persperant (Warning: The Sword of Anti-Persperant may cause skin loss).

Weapon- Smelly stink from arm pits, claws.

attack- eject stink; claw you