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Maldark: Conqueror of all Worlds (Conquerer for short) is a MMORPG featured as a plot device in Level Up and a game on Cartoon


Some time before the series a janitor was cleaning in an experimental laser testing facility and was singing. While doing it he saw a speck of dust on a keyboard attached to the laser and cleaned it causing it to malfunction and send a beam into space. The beam bounced off a satellite and hit a large processor that linked to Conqueror and brought Maldark to life in the game, making him want to escape. Later while Neverfail (Dante, Wyatt, and Lyle) were playing Conquerer, they accidentally destroyed a firewall in the form of a Dragon and pulled a rod which made a path way for the monsters to escape in through the firewall. This released Maldark who sent his minions to conquer the real world. Neverfail defeated many leaks and while finding Max Ross , an eccentric multi-millionaire game designer. Neverfail forced Max Ross to help them but Max disagreed. Then, Maldark leaked his lieutenant, Sprague into the real world. Sprague abducted Max Ross and took him to the eROSS Facility so Sprague can leak Maldark into the real world. Neverfail, including Angie, was restored and went to the eROSS Facility. They saw Sprague compeling Max to leak Maldark. Sprague saw Neverfail enter the facility through surveillance cameras. Sprague replicated himself but was killed by Neverfail. Neverfail confronted the real Sprague but it was too late. Maldark was leaked into the real world. He casted magical bubbles that pushed Neverfail across the entire facility. Max Ross told Neverfail about the secret weapon. Neverfail used the secret weapon and sent Maldark back to the game world, and the firewall was re-established by Max Ross. There is no knowing when Maldark is gonna come back with revenge, but still keep sending minions though.

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