Level Up is the movie.

A man in a laser test room accidentally shot the laser and brought Maldark to life in the game. When Neverfail was playing they broke the firewall and pushed a rod so Maldark would come out. Wyatt told them about "bear" reports, so they met IRL and were able to kill a troll, even though they epicly failed at first. When they saw Bart, the bard, and some other leaks they killed some ghouls. Then Wyatt killed Bart and they killed more leaks. They saw a Demon troll and killed it, but Dante destroyed the V.P.'s car. They found Max Ross but Lyle and Dante both said they could not do it but later Wyatt convinced Dante and Angie got the Fist of schoolage from the troll. Lyle later helped while making a speech.Angie got sucked in the game but Wyatt helped her.Maldark got out of the game, and with the Ultimate Weapon they killed Maldark almost killing themselfs. Max fixed the firewall. At the end of the movie, Maldark appears on the T.V. while a news update was heard with Lyle's father.

Level Up

Petrelr Lauer


Nicolas Ryan


Derek Guiley David Schneiderman


Gaelan Connell as Wyatt

Connor Del Rio as Dante

Jessie Usher as Lyle

Aimee Carrero as Angie

George Faughnan

Eric Andre as Max Ross

Ron Clinton Smith

Matt Felten


Cartoon Network


November 23, 2011



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