Leroy Jenkins is Lyle's old friend. He is a major prankster. Though he plays the game and his name is Leroy, he never screamed, Leroy Jenkins! He has the same name as Leroy Jenkins, a person in World of Warcraft. Dante was the one to scream it. In Leroy, he is visiting Lyle when they meet Wyatt, Dante, and Angie. He pulls a prank on the school bully and Dante gets Jealous. Angie asks Leroy out and he accepts. The gang shows to him Double Dash Dan, which he breaks in to pieces. Dante then accuses him, then Wyatt when Leroy told him to freeze the school floor. He also disrupts Lyle's silversmith dwarf raid. Lyle accidentally summons a trash troll on him, which was supposed to be in the game, but instead in the real world. They defeat the trash troll and claims that they pranked him. At the end, they create freeze cups and Dante drinks from it, which makes it stuck on his mouth. Angie pulls it off.

His video game character's name is Malf, and here are some facts about him:

Class - Rogue Marsh Elf

Level - 81

Primary Weapon - Sword

Secondary Weapon - Axe

Third Weapon - Bow and Arrows

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