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Fearless and impulsive, 15 year-old Dante Ontero is a like rebel who always gets in trouble for pulling pranks. Basically, if you need somebody to rush in blindly and hit stuff really hard, Dante's your guy. He always has a (Plain White) hanker chief in his pocket. He plays the guitar and drums. He has a band called Fart School Confidential (also known as Durasmell) and gets D+s in school. His parents are divorced. He enjoys shoving large quantities of food in his mouth. He never brushes his teeth and has braces.


Dante is a living time bomb; he can be calm one minute, but the next he could go crazy. He always runs into a fight without thinking and believes that charging in and beating everyone up is the best strategy. He thinks Neverfail is an elite clan because they don't think. He can also be easily distracted (he may have ADHD all the symptoms are there) and isn't the smartest person in the world, but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in skill and bravery. He seems to like dead things because he has a dead bug and dead skin collection.

Fighting Edit

Dante wields the Skullcracker, a baseball bat like weapon that can deliver a fearsome blow to the enemy, and can, depending how powerful the leak is, take them out in one blow. He can also, with one blow to the ground shake the ground, like a mini-earthquake toward to enemy to stun or trip them.

When he fought the troll in the Level Up movie he wore a green football helmet with the face protector, a backpack and some ropes. For his weapon he had a plunger.

Companions Edit

  • His mom Barbara (he calls her Barbara)
  • His friend/enemy Wyatt
  • His friend/enemy Angie
  • His friend Lyle
  • His skateboarding buddy Philbert
  • His cameraman Dark Emotions
  • His friend Max Ross
  • Might be his love interest Natalie


  • Dante's brain is the equivalent to a rodent brain. This was shown in Hampire Weeknight.
  • Dante sleeps with a bat. This was said in So You Think You Can Go To The Dance?
  • Dante was the only that was to be the only to be abducted by aliens. This was said in Bicyclops. 
  • It is shown that Dante has web feet.
  • Dante likes to make cartoons when he is angry.
  • Dante hates socks.
  • Dante makes historical figures with toy dinosaurs.
  • Dante doesn't know where to go for his school classes.
  • Dante likes donuts with nacho cheese on it.

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Troll fighting

Note Dante on left