Courtesy Cat is the helper/fully automated in-game moderator in Conqueror of all worlds. He has a red vest and looks like CTHS's mascot, the Cougher. Because of this, when the Trojans football team thought CTHS was trying to invade and tackled it, it seeked revenge.

Heckfire TigerEdit

Heckfire Tiger
Heckfire tiger

heckfire tiger

Gender Male
Faction Maldark's Army
Class Unknown
Attack punch
Weapons fists
Location Unknown

The Heckfire Tiger is a evil version of Courtesy Cat. He has only been whispered about in the evilest places. He has a blue shirt similar to a wrestler's, and tiger striped pants. His face has tiger striped face paint with whiskers. He is not bard-able. You must first say you are sorry for something. He starts to transform to Courtesy Cat. When you apologize doing something bad over and over, he fully transforms to Courtesy Cat. Then so hit him and he dies.

M:COAW Courtesy Cat Information(As Seen In "Heckfire Tiger")Edit

"Tired of all the hating?

Well, stop procrastinating. Courtesy Cat is just a click away!

Newb bashing’s an awful crime. That can be stopped with a killer rhyme. This kitty’s roar will stop all foul play.

If you’re being unjustly mistreated or pwned by another player(s) while playing COAW, just click REPORT NOW in the HELP MENU and our fully automated Courtesy Cat will visit the evil doer and give him or her a firm, but fair warning. All players who pay their bills on time deserve to be treated with respect (even totally lame newbs who don’t know to hot key their controls)."


  • There is a minor grammatical error in the information above. There should be a comma next to "fair".
  • Since Courtesy Cat is fully automated, it has a mind/programming of its own.