Blast-a-Ton is a weapon of Wyatt and his video game character Black Death. It is orange and yellow and gray. It also has some green and red at the selection side. The selection side can glow orange-yellow. It had only red and green panels at the beginning and as Wyatt discovered what they were, he labeled them in duct tape. When he found out all of them, he printed the names out and put them on the panels. It has a crystal turning knob. Blast a ton can shoot out many things. There are handles to carry it on the top and back. You can switch the thing you want to shoot out. You then pull a level and press on the red button. It has a tube at the top and is very heavy. It has cylinders at the bottom.

Reg blast a ton can only shoot sixteen things but below are 23 not including fairy tale characters. We don't know there names, but we will work hard to find them out.

Blast-a-Ton is Wyatt's primary weapon. It has several forms and can shoot many projectiles. See Blast a ton 2.0 and Blast a ton 2.5. It is not melee because the sucker punch still shoots out and goes back to blast a ton.

Blast a ton

Roblox blast a ton

Class - Ranged

Melee Attack - ???

Ranged Attack - Projectiles


/...-ig name


  • Blast
    MINI SUN: - A Miniature Sun
  • Unknown: - Pink Glowing Spheres with Ribbons that Explode
  • SUCKERPUNCH  - Boxing Glove
  • THE CLAM:  - Clams people to the ground
  • Unknown: - Green-lined Wire
  • ZESTER: - saw blade
  • XOl'!!! -
  • MINI NUKE: - Rocket
  • PIN: -
  • AUX: -
  • DOG/M.B.F.- A Demon Dog
  • Unknown: - Exploding Monarch Butterfly
  • Unknown:  - Monarch Butterflies (doesn't explode)
  • Unknown/SNAPPERS - Mouse Traps
  • SHLO-MO, SCHLOMO/SHLOMO: - Slow Mo Darts
  • THE LULU: -
    Blast 2
  • CONFETTI - Colorful Ribbons
  • ELECTRIC BOLT - Light Blue Lightning
  • TAZELER: - Lightning bullets
  • UNICORN: -
  • HERO - Clown
  • Unknown : Jack and the Beanstalk -Fireworks
  • Sherlock Holmes, Big Bad Wolf (Canine Dog), Snow White: Jack and the Beanstalk - Plug in ePod to Shoot


Movie: Reg

Barbarian: Reg

Wormhole: Reg

Black Death: Reg

Bicyclops: Reg

Leroy: Reg

Hampire: 2.5

Sole Provider: Reg

Max Squared: 2.5

Blast-a-Ton 2.0: 2.0, 2.5

Charm Bracelet: Reg

Jack and the Beanstalk: Reg

HQ: Reg

Acid Spittin' Mini Dragon: 2.5

Wanted/Bonus DVD Episode: Reg

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